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Talent Referral Program


The Office of Alumni and Development is deeply committed to recruiting top-notch talent.  As an employee, you know the culture, the skills, the quality of work and what it takes to be successful in our environment. Who better to refer talent than our talented employees? We have designed a Talent Referral Program that encourages referrals from your network who are not currently employed with the University. Help your referral navigate their career here at the Office of Alumni and Development by submitting their resume today! Your referral must be qualified for a specific position and submitted under the guidelines outlined below.


Program Summary


  • For a referral that is hired for a full-time position (not temporary), you will be eligible to earn a $500.00 bonus (minus all applicable taxes) 90 days after your referral’s start date.
  • In order to receive the referral bonus, you and the referral must be employed within the Columbia University, Office of Alumni and Development and be in good performance standing at the time of payment.
  • Only one referral bonus will be paid per candidate. If more than one referral is submitted for the same candidate, the first referral will earn the bonus.
  • The referral must be submitted prior to the candidate applying and receiving an offer of employment.

Participant Eligibility

Full-time employees are eligible to submit referrals and receive a bonus. Those individuals who are not eligible are as follows:

  • Immediate family members (spouse, parent, grandparent, child, mother-in-law, father-in-law, brother, sister or member of the household of employee).
  • Employees with final hiring decision accountability over the candidate referred
  • Vice Presidents and above
  • Members of the Human Resources and Talent Management Team
  • Individuals involved in the recruitment and hiring decisions for the position


Candidate Eligibility


Candidates must interview for and accept an offer of regular full-time employment; they must also meet the following criteria:

  • Have not been employed with Columbia University in any capacity, including temporary, causal and support workers.
  • Have never been consultants or vendors
  • Have not been referred previously
  • Have never been referred by a staffing agency prior to the referrals submission
  • And have not previously applied for a position with the Office of Alumni & Development


The Human Resources and Talent Management Team within the Office of Alumni and Development reserves the right to make the final determination in regards to a candidate’s qualifications for a position and eligibility in this program.


Please direct any questions you may to the Human Resources and Talent Management Team at

Click the following links to view open positions and submit a referral: